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Pokémon Misadventures: Chasing a Chancy

Well, X and Y news have been a bit on the down-low, so I figured I might post a little story about something that happened to me a while ago.

And how it's an unfortunate misadventure.

Right. So I'm walking around in SoulSilver and decided to take a look at my PokéGear to see if there was any outbreaks of any Pokémon that I haven't caught yet. Lo and behold, it just so happened that there was a Chancey outbreak at Route 15. This was perfect. Chancy itself is super-rare out in the wild, so the outbreak will just make it easier to catch.

So off I go, flying over to Fuchisa and walking my way over to Route 15 to get myslef a Chancy. Right then, I was feeling pretty good about what could come. I'd go into the grass, grab myslf a Chancy, and get out. 

Except it didn't go smoothly. At all.

I was walking around in all the grassy patches in Route 15 for at half an hour. True, I should have checked back to see if the outbreak moved or even stopped, but I was hell bent on getting me a Chancy. So I kept on running around the tall grass, hoping and wishing for a Chancy to show its extremely elusive face. But instead of one immensly rare creature to appear, another decided to pop up.

That's right. Instead of finding the Chancy that I was out to get, I managed to somehow discover my first wild shiny. 

And it was a badass Noctowl. 

I managed to capture it, but I thought that finding the shiny was the game's way of saying "Yeah, good luck finding a Chancy. lol." 

I kept the Noctowl in my party for a while. That is, until my friend offered a Leafeon for it. And I'm a sucker for eeveelutions, especially Leafeon.


So yeah. That's my little unfortunate story. I did eventually catch a Chancy during another outbreak on Route 14. 


This "Pokémon Misadventures" thing may or may not become a series. So far, it's doubtful. Myabe.






Stay awesome, Pokéfans;

-PseudonyM / Poké-nym