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Big things at E3?

We all know that E3 is this week. For those of you who don't know, E3 -- also known as the Electronic Entertainment Expo -- is where all the big game companies go to reveal things. For example, Nintendo, who will be streaming videos instead of holding a press conference for some strange and unknown reason, plan on releasing details on the new Super Smash Bros. that they are planning on releasing on the Wii U.


Now that's obviously not what I'm here to talk about. I am here to say that Nintendo also plans to release a few more things about Pokemon X and Y there as well. In fact, they plan on having a press conference solely about X and Y.

Now, we all know about the current X and Y pokemon that are released: Sylveon, Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie, Xerneas, Yveltal, Fletchling, Gogoat, Helioptile, Pancham, and the unnamed form of Mewtwo. We also know that the region is based on France, that roller skates will have some use in the game, that Gogoat will be ridable (at least in Lumiose City), that there will be several different variations of the main characters to choose from, and that the pokedex in X and Y looks pretty b/a.

So what we're all wondering is what they will say. Perhaps they will announce that there will be a new type. Or maybe they'll release even more pokemon. All I know is that I'm setting an alarm to get up at 7am (pst) to watch Nintendo's... vidoes, which will be streamed here. The one about X and Y is a bit more forgiving time-wise, as it's at 6pm (pst) the same day and will be streamed at the same location as far as I know.


So start your speculation engines! If you so wish, throw some speculations here in the comments. It'd be interesting to read them.




Stay awesome, Poke-fans;